The Triple Warmer meridian is part of the nine energy systems of the body

Its role is protection.

It does this by networking the body energies of the immune system to protect the body from invasion for example by virus.

The Triple Warmer bring the bodies energies together in emergencies for a flight,fight and freeze response.

The Triple warmer operates beyond the range of other meridians.It is activated at all times keeping the body at a normal level of alert.

.However in today world where our rest cycles are easily disturbed and we are exposed to many more pollutants than our ancestor Triple Warmer can become over stimulated this means there is to much energy in this circuit.It lead to anxiety,insomnia,hypersensitivity and fear.

During holistic treatments calming Triple Warmer down. can be beneficial. This can be carried out by the use the relevant acupressure points. If you are over anxious ,not sleeping well,hypersensitivity,or have an increase of irrational fear maybe you Triple Warmer needs to be twigged a little bit to reduce these uncomfortable symptoms .