Treating Phobias with Havening Techniques

Treating Phobias with Havening Techniques


A phobia is a persistent excessive ,unrealistic,

,fear of an animal eg spiders,mice

fear of objects  eg. needles

fear of an activity eg.flying on an aeroplane

fear of a person

fear of a situation eg heights

While logic will tell the sufferer ,that this phobia  is not logical the phobia response is subconscious and cannot be help.Exposed to the phobia the person will go into a fight flight response when hormones like adrenaline are excreted into the body allowing blood to be diverted to the muscles to allow a quick escape ,hands can become sweaty,heart rate goes up,breathing increases,blood pressure goes up ,the person just wants to leave the situation .

I can identify with this .I had a phobia of mice so bad that if I saw a mouse I was up on a chair frozen to the spot. Havening dissolved this phobia.Mice no longer cause me upset.Last winter I was able to set a trap,which caught the mouse and I was able to remove it and bin it no problem.

I have used havening with many person with spiders phobia with great success.

Needle phobia effect 10% of the population.In a medical world where taking blood has become very much the norm needle phobia has been shown to leads to avoidance of medical care.

Dr Steven Ruben and Dr Ronald Ruben created the Havening Techniques using psychosensory technique which helps to treat emotional distress/trauma .Touch on the arms ,face,and hands produces delta waves which boost the release of serotonin, GABA and calcineurin which help to desensitise the  phobia which is recorded     in the lateral  nuclei in the Amygdala of the brain.


A history of the phobia is taken.

You are ask to bring up the memory of the phobia and all the emotional aspect that comes with it.

You are asked to score the memory between 1 and 10.

You are asked to put the memory out of your mind and to start havening with eyes closed

I will use distraction techniques eg. nursery rhymes, counting and visualization

You will then be asked to open your eyes and follow my finger from left to right while keeping your head still

Then close your eyes ,take a breath and give a score to the memory again.

This can be repeated until the score is 0


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