Havening Techiques

HOLISTIC THERAPIES DUBLIN is now offering an exciting new THERAPY based on neuroscience called HAVENING TECHIQUES also called Amygdala Depotentation Therapy

It is a therapy which address trauma. With trauma if it is brought to mind it is like living the whole event again with the fear,the rapid heart rate, the sweaty palms, to name but a few symptoms .However for many of us the are subconscious elements to a trauma, For example if you were held up by a robbery it could be the smell or a similar smell of the robbers aftershave that would cause a traumatic response This is subconscious response and often the person is not aware why this is happening

Many Traumas originated from Unconditional Threat Stimuli(UTS) which are innate in all of us. For example a phobia of mice (which was my phobia)stems from the UTS of ground based predators , creepy crawlies.Fear of escalators is UTS of heights . Havening can treat this phobia very easily, you will no longer have this phobia and give you your life back.


It is a Psycho-Sensory technique which incorporates sensory touch and distraction techniques.The sensory touch is applied by the therapist or the person themselves.


.It has been developed with over 10 years research by two brothers By DR ROBERT RUDEN (Neuroscienist) and DR STEVEN RUDEN (Dentist) who have their practise in New York City.They discovered the exact region of the brain where trauma is encoded.They discovered that when polarisation has taken place the receptors (AMPAR) on the post neuron synapse are held on surface of the lateral nucleus of the AMYGDALA part of the brain ,alert to any similarities of the traumatic event.This is where the flight ,fight and defensive rage centre are in the brain ,and so if any part of the trauma is identified this flight ,fight,or defensive rage initiated. This is an automatic response and is not on the conscious level.


My Story is very simple I came out with increase heart rate, sweating difficulty breathing when I approached a road toward a specific building where I had a bad memory of something that happened to me in, that building.I would take an alternative route to avoid going by the building putting 30 minutes on to my daily journey .I knew this was illogical but trauma is not encoded in the logical brain it is encoded in our most primate brain (Often refereed to as our Reptile Brain).We have all evolve from this but in a trauma it is a treat to the self and so fight and flight and defensive rage come into play.It produces an automatic response before going into the conscious brain.

While we may try to logical manage the trauma we can adapt strategies to minimise the discomfort we feel when the trauma is reactive again like with my avoidance .However now Havening Techniques can depotentiated the trauma thus allowing the receptors to retract back into the lateral nucleus of the AMYGALA of the brain and so the brain is no longer on height alert for any aspect of this trauma to appear to start a flight /fight response.


Havening Techniques can be used in a wide range of condition

In one session you could let go of:

#Phobia like fears of escalators,fear of flying,fear of Dentist,Fear of Blood,Fear of Needles,Fears of Spiders,Fears of Mice to name a few.

#Panic Attacks where you have rapid heart rate,sweating,Rapid breathing.Many do not know what triggered this response and may end up in hospital thinking they are having a heart attack. If the episodes increase in frequency it can make the individual very afraid and so the can stop socialising.

#Distressing Life Events like losing a job ,broken relationships social, isolation chronic pain to name but a few.

With Havening the response to life events can be changed giving hope for the future

#Removes Memories Of Distressing Events like Car Accidents,Rape ,Abuse,Assault to name but a few.

#Removes strong emotional feeling like Anger ,Rage,Guilt,Shame,fear Of Abandonment,Anxiety ,Depression to name but a few.

#Craving like sugar,emotional eating,Hair pulling


Trauma is not stress.We all have stress in this modern world where we feel stressed when an event is happening but when it is over we go back to a homeostatic state. Trauma is different .

Trauma depends on four things

1.The Event and this may directly happen to the person,or they may witness it or they may be informed about it.

2.Meaning.What meaning does the person have on the event.

3.Landscape.This is how vulnerable/ stressed the person to trauma at this moment and time .This is why building up resilience in the brain is so important( neuro-plasticity).

4.Inescapably is where the person sees no way out.This can be a physical incapability for example being keep in a locked room or a mental incapability for example in a domestic violence situation which you feel you can not leave because you are depended on the abuser for finance.

These four aspects allow encoding to occur in the amygala of the brain.You can see that if you continue in a stressful state that this can be a precursor to trauma and so tools to reduce stress in our lives is eally important.In my Practice Holistic Therapies Dublin I teach such tools to reduce stress allowing the client to have additional means to manrage their stress.With Trauma I teach self Havening Techniques.

Cost per session 100 euros