Reiki And Fatigue

Reiki And Fatigue

There are many reasons why at different time in our lives we feel fatigue.Maybe we are burning the candle at both ends and not giving are body time to recover or maybe it is due to an illness or part of the recovery process from an illness

There are many grades of fatigues.However no matter what grade is given to the condition ,the one thing that all grade of fatigue have in common is that it interrupts the persons life causing frustration and anxiety .


There are many ways fatigue is experienced for some people they have

Sweating and palpitations,

Low mood

Sore throat and enlarge glands

Others are unable to carry out activity of daily living

Others can do activity of daily living but have no energy to do anything else in their day

Fatigue can lead to social isolation

Fatigue can lead to a poor family dynamic if persons are not educated or sympathetic towards the person with fatigue


For me I have a traumatic illness .I was in hospital for three months.When I got home I had to learn how to brush my teeth and learn how to walk.I was a young woman then and so the understanding from my family was very limited.At times they saw my fatigue as put on.They saw me as a young women and the moment I left the hospital to them I was well and as such I should be able to carry out all my daily tasks.

To me I was like a person filled with sand and two hours after I got up it was like someone let all the sand out of my body and I was like a rag doll .I had absolutely no energy .I could only return to bed and lie down for an hour to try and get some energy back.In the early days I would have to go for 3 to 4 naps during the day.Pushing against what your body was telling me did not work.I learned to be patient with myself,to accept where I was .


I used energy medicine in the form of Reiki.I gave myself a self treatment daily or twice daily and bit by bit my energy returned and I returned to work .

Reiki supports the whole body to be in Harmony and Balance, bring it back to Optimal health of the person.

Reiki is very gentle, lessening the degree of the imbalance gradually.

Reiki with its relaxation component allows the healing to go deeper

Reiki is non-intrusive ,its painless and it compliments medicine