Reflexology and Fertility

Reflexology and Fertility

In Ireland one in six couple experience either primary fertility issues ,where ,when they are deciding to have their first child they find it difficult to conceive or secondary fertility issues where a couple have a baby but find it difficult to conceive again.Infertility is defined where couples free of contraception and who are actively trying to conceive for 12 months with no pregnancy resulting.

While there is many reasons for fertility problems like poly cystic ovaries,endometriosis,pelvic inflammatory disease, blocked or damaged Fallopian tubes,low egg count,low sperm count ,poor sperm mobility to name a few. It worth noting that 20% of fertility cases have no medical reason.

When pregnancy is not happening despite doing all you can reflexology may be your answer

Reflexology is a natural boost to fertility and certainly pregnancies have resulted for couples follow reflexology.

Reflexology can support and assist with conceptions like Inter uterine fertilisation(IUI) , Intervetro fertilisation(IVF) or cycles of ovulation.


It can support fertility hormone balance before ovulation and prior to implantation.

It helps to establish regular ovulation cycles leading to regular menstruation.

It helps to boost low progesterone.

It helps with sperm production.

It helps with sperm mobility.

Most importantly it reduces stress and anxiety which is very much part of the fertility journey.This allows the body to re balance


A course of reflexology treatment involves a one hour reflexology session for 6 to 8 weeks approximately.

Reflexology encourages the body to work more effectively promoting a healthier environment for a possible pregnancy to occur.