Havening Techniques What Is It All About

Havening Techniques What Is It All About

Havening is based on a neuroscience, where, by producing delta waves the stored trauma which are held in the anterior nucleus of the limbic system can be released .This allows the person to reach their full potential without the effects of the trauma holding them back.

Havening not only releases the encoded trauma but also built up resilience  helping you to gain confidence in yourself, to develop  new goals and build the life you really wanted until the trauma held you back

Havening can give insight for what to do next for example  in chronic difficult situation where trauma is repeated .When you  are in a situation where you are being repeated traumatise you remain in a fight, flight  or freeze mode. Havening can lift this fog of trauma to allow you to see the direction you need to take.


A trauma occurs when there is an event which has an effect on you.

How you perceives this event at this time and how your brain absorbs this event

and the perceived inescapability of the event are needed to produce trauma

So it can been seen what traumatise one person does not necessarily traumatise another.


Interestingly enough if you have been traumatise it is more likely that you can be traumatised again. Simple events in childhood that as adults we pay no heed to could lay the path to traumatisation eg fear of heights can stop an individual from flying.

Havening through careful history taking ,endeavour to go back to the initial trauma event remember by the person and treat same. This has a domino effect on all associated events. Often when one trauma is cleared another may surface. These too can be cleared.

Self care through using the Havening Touch twice daily which is taught by the Therapist at the initial therapy and is encouraged to be used during the treatment. The initial traumatic event is usually cleared in one to two sessions and further sessions may be used to increase resilience.


If you feel you have  a prolonged trauma Havening Techniques maybe you  answer.




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