Havening Techniques In Holistic Therapy Dublin

Havening Techniques In Holistic Therapy Dublin

I am becoming certificated in Havening techniques

This is a therapy based on neuroscience.It is a psychosensory technique.It is effective for persons who suffered traumatic events in their lives.

Trauma can arrise from asingle incident or from small things that wear you down.Trauma is not stress .Stress helps us to deal with life challenges and when they are over the stress is gone.

To have trauma four things are present

1 The Event

2 The Meaning has to that person

3 The Landscape of the brain at the time of the incident

4 Ines capability the person feels towards the event

Trauma, when it occurs is encoded in the amygdala of the brain The AMPA receptors are held upright and secured by phosphokinase which prevents the AMPA receptors from returning into the brain and so they are on alert for any aspect of this memory re occurring.Anything of the memory will put the body into a fight or flight response.

Havening is a very simple technique,It is non intrusive and is done when you are sitting upright in a chair

Havening produces delta waves which produce calcition .This dissolves the phosphokinase and thus allows the AMPA receptors to retract. This take away the traumatic memory.

This therapy is very effective for phobias,cravings,post traumatic stress,panic attacks ,anxiety, chronic pain and trauma.

Sessions are free for this certification period.Please Phoneme at 0894923796

or by email eithnegryan1@Gmail,com or via the contact form on my website holistictherapydublin.ie