Do You Ever Feel Overwhelm

Do You Ever Feel Overwhelm

Have you ever felt overwhelm so burden having too much to do ,to cope with or held down by enormous weight of a negative emotion (for example Guilt).

Here are THREE TOOLS that will help to relieve such a situation and remember in life no one is exempted from being overwhelm at time.


The first tool is to talk to yourself as you would a friend who is having a bad day. Be as compassion to yourself as you would be to you friend. This is a lot more than positive thinking. Through speaking in a kind caring fashion to yourself you ensure the critical voice in your head lessens With repetition self criticism can be very much reduce .Self criticism heights when we are overwhelm as we are on the verge of not coping .We get cross with ourselves as we feel should be coping and so the loop of self dislike  explodes

In my career as a nurse I had the privilege of working in many facilities and meet the most fabulous people on their journey with illness whether it be in the acute phase ,the recovery phase .Positive talk to one self  make the journey to health quicker. I have nursed persons who are bed bound only able to move a finger on their hand and while I would praise them with their movement I encourage them to praise themselves with this movement and to visualise this as a step on their path to recovery which it was .It was easy for me to know this as I have seen the recovery path many time but when you are the patient and all you want is to be better and back to you regular life we can become inpatient with our recovery and start to be self critical of our progress .Choosing to be compassionate with yourself and the persons I looked after were encouraged to use gentle kind words to aid their recovery.

Take illness away and look at everyday life. We are  so hard on ourselves. Say if we did not get the course we went for ,or the grade in the exam is less then we wanted, or we did not get on the team or in work we were not picked for the project or we were picked for the project but we cant cope .There is so many reason why we are hard on ourselves where we critical of ourselves ,give out to ourselves constantly .This leads to resistance and trapped emotions. Kindness to oneself release all of this.


Talking to ourselves as we want others to be talked to us

Talk to  ourselves as we would speak to a friend who needs our support



When our minds are busy often we will not give ourselves a break for any self care.

The good thing that mindfulness can be incorporated into our daily routine .Start with your feet and become aware of your environment.

For Example in the supermarket be aware of each step you are taking

Be aware of stretching your arm out and placing you hand on the goods you want from the  shelf

Open your 5 senses to what you see, to what smell, the taste in the air, the sound around you, and how does everything feel as you touch and pick the item up.

For many who have no additional time mindfulness can be an effective self care method to reduce the feeling of being overwhelmed


This is simple a diary or a notebook which you have for this practice alone

You simple write down what you are grateful for in that day

It could be the weather

or that you got the clothes dry before the rain

or that you had a lovely cup of coffee

or the school run went well no argument going out the door which could has ensured a late arrival

you might feel you have only one thing t to write down at first and that is ok as time goes on there will be more.

For these tool to work you need to do them Let me know your results