Hi my name is Eithne. I am a qualified Nurse, Midwife, Neonatal Nurse

and Public Health Nurse. I have been actively involved in

Complementary Medicine since 1992. When in Australia I became

interested in Reflexology. Upon return to Ireland I gained an ITECH

qualification in Reflexology. While working in Holles Street I was an

integral part of a 6 person Reflexology team that was created to explore

the benefits of Reflexology in relation to Intractable Pelvic Pain. This

was a Consultant led programme. Whilst in Holles Street I also used

Reflexology to improve results in Fertility Treatments. In 2008, I became

a Reiki Master and had a practice in Dublin for just under a decade.

I am also a fully qualified Bereavement Counsellor helping families through

the Grieving Process. Havening Techniques is a groundbreaking Therapy only

recently introduced to Ireland. I have been a qualified practitioner for a year and in

that time have seen over 30 clients who have stated they’ve seen improvements due

to these techniques. I am a firm believer than Orthodox Medical Rechniques and

Complementary Medicine can work in tandem to achieve desired results. I am also

providing Virtual Treatments at this time.