Holistic Therapies Dublin

Holistic Therapy Dublin

 30 Vernon Drive ,Clontarf  Dublin 3

This is a well establish centre offering a holistic approach to wellness & These Therapies Help to restore and maintain optimal health.

A holistic practice offering Reflexology and Reiki treatments, Bereavement Counselling and Havening Techniques. I also offer Virtual Treatments via Zoom. I have truly seen the benefits of Complementary Therapies over the years, as an asset to regaining and maintaining wellbeing.

30 Vernon Drive, Clontarf, Dublin 3, D03T280

Holistic Therapies Dublin offers Reflexology, Reiki, Bereavement Counselling Havening Techniques



Reiki is a physical and spiritual treatment. It was founded by Mikao Usui in Japan in 1922.


Acupressure And Reflexology Concept. Foot Massager Oppresses Energy Flow Points

Reflexology is a pressure point massage of the feet which helps to restore the flow of energy throughout the body.

Bereavement Counselling


As a qualified bereavement counsellor I can offer support and counselling to persons dealing with grief.

Havening Techiques


It is a therapy which address trauma. With trauma if it is brought to mind it is like living the whole event again with the fear.

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